Static Promotional Activities

Static Promotional Activities

IDEI realises that effective promotional strategy is central to creating a groundswell of demand. A multitude of static and dynamic promotional tools are employed to create increased awareness of low-cost irrigation technologies. These activities/ campaigns target smallholder farmers and convey the benefits of the product, including the features, availability, price etc.

Handbill/ leaflet

Handbills/ leaflets are used to generate awareness about the product and SAP products. The content usually includes details about the technology/ product in terms of its qualities, its coverage, water discharge and usability in different crops. These are very useful in reaching out to large number of people across different locations in a go. Additionally, it makes available information about the product and contact information for sales point readily with the recipient.


Banners printed in local languages and made of light weight material makes them portable and easy to use. Once made these can be used several times complementing another activity such as demonstrations, campaigns, farmers meeting etc.

KB Newsletters

KB Newsletters are printed in local languages and are a source of wholesome information on crops, technologies, products and agricultural knowledge. These are very handy and farmers find the information very useful because it is localised and provides timely information.

Entrepreneur Signage’s

Entrepreneur Signage’s are also a medium to generate awareness amongst general population. These are made and put up at dealer stores and also at the farms of entrepreneurs promoting SAP products. These again provide information about technologies/ products and are a useful medium.

Dealer Board

Dealer Board is a medium to generate awareness about the technology. These are usually very attractive and bright. They are put up on dealer shops and catch the attention of people. Seeing the technology/ the picture people come and make enquiries. It is useful in promoting the technology.

Product Display Board

Product Display Board These boards are made for promoting the technologies. The display is usually that of the technology in use. It mentions key highlights about the product and makes it easy for people to read. These are kept at dealer shops for attracting farmer attention.

Wall Paintings

Wall Paintings are very effective methods of informing the prospective farmers about IDEI promoted technologies. Strategically located walls are identified for wall paintings those which are more frequently visited by people or more frequently passed by. Wall painting carries information about the technology and about local dealer with the contact number. Since it stays up there for longer, people get an opportunity to make a note of dealer even another day.

KB Umbrella

KB Umbrella This is another effective method of promoting the products. Big umbrellas with KB logo and photographs of the technology are printed. Information about the usefulness of the product, its advantages are also printed. These umbrella’s are used in different public places like haats, mela’s, block, district and state exhibitions and so on and so forth. These are placed in front of the stalls. Their bright and colourful looks appeal the onlookers and they make queries about the product.

KB Kiosk

KB Kiosk Kiosks with information about technologies promoted under the KB brand are made. On all three sides there are photographs of TP/ STP/ drip and other are printed. Key information about the use of technology, its advantages and impact are also printed on the Kiosk. These are used in different demonstrations. They attract attention and generate curiosity in the minds of the visitors.

Newspaper Advertisement

Newspaper Advertisement Newspaper carrying KB advertisement introduces KB pump to supply chain and customer at the same time. Local language newspaper with high circulation rate and strong presence in village is selected for carrying KB Advertisement. Emphasis is laid on placement of advertisement and release of advertisement on non working day for better readership. Major impact of newspaper advertisement is building trust and confidence amongst farmer and supply chain about product. Product logo, picture of Lady Farmer operating Pump and contact number of field officer is given for prospective customer enquiry.