KB Surface Treadle Pump

KB Surface Treadle Pump
KB Surface Treadle Pump is a foot operated reciprocating type positive displacement pump to draw water with open channel water delivery system from surface water source like dug well, ponds, canal etc.
  • Small scale irrigation.
  • Suitable for all type of crops (vegetables, cereals, cash crops, spices, medicinal, aromatic, flowers).
  • Irrigation- suitable for all type of crops in an area up to 0.4 ha (4000 sq m). 
Constructional Material CRC (Cold Rolled Coil) sheet & mild steel
Pump Type 3.5 inch diameter (each) twin barrels
Maximum Stroke Length 100 mm
Weight 18 Kg
Operator’s weight Operates easily with 35-40 Kg operator’s body Weight.
Maximum Suction Lift 8 meters
Delivery System Open channel flow at atmospheric pressure.
Pedalling System A pair of metal pedals integrated with counter weight, foot rest and bush bearing provides ease of operation & smooth pedals movement. 
Stability Tripod base is provided to have better stability & easy shifting.
Suction pipe size 1.5”(38 mm) diameter flexible PVC suction hose pipe. One end of the suction pipe is essentially to be submerged underwater.
Maximum Flow 4500 litres per hour
Water Quality Resistant to silt particles but not suitable for saline water (EC>4dS/m).
Durability 8-10 Years