KB Rope and Washer Pump

KB Rope and Washer Pump
It is human powered hand operated pump used to lift water from open water source with applied human power in between 40-100watt. The unique characteristic of rope pump is that rope together with the pistons functions as an endless band transporting water.
  • It is applicable to access the water for both irrigation & drinking purpose.
  • It increases the efficiency of water used in irrigation in combination with drip line in the gravity fed drip system.
  • The pump is appropriate for women farmers in bringing water to the desired place in the field from water source like dug well, river, perennial pocket at different land contour.
Constructional Material Mild steel and rope
Pump Type Hand Operated
Maximum Stroke Length 100 mm
Weight of the pump & accessories 15 Kg
Weight of the concrete guide block 13 Kg 
Human power required to operate 40-100 watt 
Maximum Suction Lift 20 meters
Delivery System Open channel delivery
Operation The pump is operated by cranking the wheel that makes the piston with rope to travel inside the pumping pipe through guide block dipped in water source resulting into each piston come into action to create downward pressure and pushes the water column upwards to reach to the delivery outlet.
Suction pipe size 19 mm (3/4”)
Maximum Flow For an adult 20 litre per minute at 20 meter depth.
Pumping Efficiency  In order of 75 to 85% with 90% volumetric efficiency.
Water Quality Resistant to silt particles but not suitable for saline water (EC>4dS/m).
Durability 5 Years