KB Bamboo Treadle Pump

KB Bamboo Treadle Pump
KB Bamboo Treadle Pump is a foot operated reciprocating type positive displacement pump to draw water with open channel water delivery system from shallow tube wells.
  • Small scale irrigation.
  • Suitable for all type of crops (vegetables, cereals, cash crops, spices, medicinal, aromatic, flowers).
  • Suitable for an area up to 0.4 ha (4000 sq m).
  • Is ideal for regions rich in bamboo.
Constructional Material CRC (Cold Rolled Coil) sheet & mild steel
Pump Type 3.5 inch diameter (each) twin barrels
Maximum Stroke Length 100 mm
Weight 6 Kg
Operator’s weight Operates easily with 35-40 Kg operator’s body weight.
Maximum Suction Lift 8 meters
Delivery System Open channel flow at atmospheric pressure.
Pedalling System A pair of 6 ft long bamboo pedals used to leverage the pedal’s up & down movement.
Bore Size Suitable to install on 1.5” diameter bamboo/ plastic/ GI Tube well.
Maximum Flow 4500 litres per hour
Water Quality Resistant to silt particles but not suitable for saline water (EC>4dS/m).
Durability 8-10 years
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