Drought & water woes-I

Agriculture More Water and Better Farming for Improved Food Security

Reports that more than 200 million people living in dryland regions of Sub-Saharan Africa make their living from agriculture, and most remain exposed to weather shocks, especially drought. Their lack of resilience stems from the poor performance of agriculture on which their livelihood depends.


A Stitch in Time Villagers Dig 270 Ponds to Store Rain Water

JAMLI: While the much-touted concept of water harvesting in cities assumes technical overtones of capturing runoff from rooftops and watershed management, at least 200 villages in Indore's rural landscape have undertaken a revolutionary project to battle water crisis.

Cities at Crossroads A looming crisis

The Green Revolution accentuated the need for secure water for the high yielding varieties of food grains. However, inadequate investments and poor planning and maintenance of the irrigation infrastructure meant that canal irrigation was much less effective than planned.

Climate change warming Asian waters, altering monsoon study

The study indicates future ocean warming in the region, could increase the amount of rainfall during monsoons,...but most of that rain would fall before the monsoon front reaches land


Drought & water woes-I

From a chemical point of view, nothing could be simpler than water; only two atoms of hydrogen joined to one atom of oxygen. But from a human perspective, such simplicity fades away.

Drought & water woes - II

The rapid melting of glaciers has led to the formation of a large number of glacial lakes, which discharge a large volume of water and debris downstream, causing what they call “lake-outburst floods”. The duration of rainfall is expected to be brief  and erratic while the intensity of rain is set to rise, leading to floods.