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In this section IDEI will provide information on best practices on agriculture, water related issues and other thematically relevant topics. We will try and collate especially those materials that focus on increasing water productivity in agriculture that are being developed and followed by different people across the globe. These articles are compiled basis our own secondary research, visits, and even those referred to by other people/ agencies.
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Multilayer vegetable farming: Small holder community innovates for improved production

Farmers often try new ideas in their fields and develop many local technologies by innovations and adaptations. These innovations are based on deep knowledge of the local environments, ecologically and environmentally sound.


Kahrizes were first developed in ancient Iran some 3,000 years ago to take underground water to the surface through simple gravity flow. For centuries, throughout the region, well-maintained kahrizes provided a constant year-round water supply through a network of interconnected wells and underground tunnels that
collect water from the hills. The tunnels, which can extend for kilometres, are usually 1.2 metres high and 60cm wide - just large enough to allow people inside to maintain them. In areas with soft ground, vaulted kahrizes are strengthened with stone walls. (Source: