Tapan K. Pattanayak

Tapan K. Pattanayak
Zonal Coordinator- Bhubaneswar

Tapan Kumar Pattanayak, is currently working as Zonal Coordinator at the Odisha Regional Office of IDE (India). In his association with IDEI of more than two decades, Tapan has acquired the skills on starting programmes in new locations, making mid course adjustments, product promotion, efficient supply chain development, designing and implementing programme for inclusion of smallholder farmers in mainstream markets, and developing alliances for maximizing outreach.

Tapan’s successful implementation of the BDS project on "Creating New Markets for The Poor with micro irrigation technologies In Maharashtra, India" with support from USAID, directly reached over 28,000 smallholder farmers through 278 service providers in the irrigation supply chain in a span of three years. This programme paved the way for further development of IDEI's new programme "Integrating Poor into Market Systems" focussing on working along the value chain.

Tapan started his career in the sales function of a pharmaceutical company and thereafter worked as a trainer in community development and non-formal education. Tapan has trained workers from NGOs and Government Agencies from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. During this period Tapan penned a book titled, "DAWN" on Pre childhood stimulations which is being used for development workers and others who works in Child Development Projects.

Tapan is a postgraduate in Anthropology, with a specialization in Social Anthropology.