Rupa Ram

Rupa Ram
Consultant- Programmes

Rupa Ram is engaged with IDEI in the capacities of Consultant- Programmes. Rupa Ram has over eight years of experience in the development sector. Rupa Ram’s experience includes planning and implementing community level programmes that involves managing big teams. Rupa Ram has worked deeply on agricultural issues and is passionate about building the capacities of poor farmers and in strengthening community institutions.

Over the years, Rupa Ram has also managed Women empowerment focussed programmes in the field. Rupa Ram’s work in Rajasthan has allowed him to build capacities in video production (on rural issues) and effective dissemination of these videos.

Rupa Ram’s skills including monitoring complex, multi layered programmes effectively.

Rupa Ram completed his Bachelors in Agriculture and Technology and completed Masters of Business Administration in organic farming.